Customer Feedback

Paul R.
Waiting for my next bag to arrive!

Joshua M.
Always great paydirt and gold quality from Klondike Paydirt.  Found a nugget in my first pan!

Charlie N.
The Rabbit Claim was awesome paydirt!  Shipping was fast and good packaging too.  Can’t wait to try King Solomon’s Dome next!

Eddie V.
Had an fun evening panning with my kids on our patio.

Jacob D.
Always have had great returns with the Carmack’s Claim paydirt.

Bob R.
Great gold in every pan!

Charlie N.
Found a big nugget that weighed in at 0.75 grams.  The best Nugget Bag yet!

Fred T.
Carmack’s claim does have some nice chunky gold and pickers.

Phil L.
Always great gold from Klondike Paydirt!

Chris S.
Great chunky gold with some good pickers and fines.

Sean A.
A lot of gold in this bag.

Butch M.
We always enjoy getting a bag of your paydirt.

Alan C.
Plenty of nuggets to go around!

Tony R.
Surprised at the amount of gold from the Rabbit Creek claim!  Klondike Paydirt is the best!

Jeffrey W.
Amazing the amount of gold recovered from the King Solomon Dome’s claim!

Walter H.

Really great dirt and I’m only halfway done panning.

Emma S.
This was a great product and at a good price.  The packaging and shipping was nice too.

Samantha R.
Fun for the whole family, you will find gold!

Andy T.
Lots of pickers, good dirt for a beginner to learn on.

Ray N.

Fun and easy to pan.  I’m still learning to pan paydirt and Klondike Paydirt made it easy.

Gene D.
I got 3 small bags, found gold in every pan, thank you!

Roger S.
Found a picker before I even opened the bag!

Jack T.
Thanks Klondike Paydirt, you’re the best!

John H.
Jackpot!  Klondike Paydirt has the best paydirt!

Barbara L.
This bag of paydirt provided hours of enjoyment for my first time panning.

Harold P.
This was a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Jimmy M.
It arrived fast and I had fun panning the paydirt to find gold.

George H.
We ordered this as a birthday gift, they loved it!

Mark M.
Found gold in my first pan ever and it arrived fast!

David W.
Fun for all ages, you guys rock!

Richard B.
Skeptical when ordering, surprised at my first pan, gold everywhere!

Thomas L.
Way better than other companies, Klondike Paydirt delivers the gold every time.

Charles R.

I’ve been ordering from Klondike Paydirt for years and they have the best paydirt out there!

Gary S.
Can’t wait to get my next bag of Carmack’s Claim paydirt.

Stephen C.

Pretty nice gold actually.  Few nuggets and pickers too!

Edward M.
Couldn’t be happier!  I’ve started my prospecting hobby with Klondike Paydirt!