Customer Feedback

  July 6, 2024:  Charlie N.
Found a big clunker that weighed in at 1.7 grams!  The best Carmack’s claim bag yet!

  April 20, 2024:  Tyler R.
Klondike Paydirt is my #1 favorite paydirt company, and I’ve tried them all!  They ship fast and their products are always loaded with great gold.  My favorite is the Nugget Bag.

  March 17, 2024:  John P.
BIG gold every time from Klondike Paydirt!

  December 19, 2023:  Jeff B.
Nice chunky gold with some decent sized nuggets.

  November 27, 2023:  Mike S.
So far I’m very impressed.  Really liking my bucket load of paydirt!

  August 12, 2023:  Jonathan Z.
The family are all amazed, thank you!

  June 12, 2023:  George R.

I’ve been ordering from Klondike Paydirt for a long time and his is definitely the best paydirt out there!

  May 29, 2023:  Walter M.
Got a nice picker that weighs over 1 gram.  Panned a total of about 4.5 grams of gold.

  April 22, 2023:  Ray D.
Finally had a chance to pan my bag of Carmack’s claim paydirt.  Lots of nice nuggets!

  February 17, 2023:  Andy R.
It’s like being there in person every time I go to pan.  Thanks again.  Klondike Paydirt, you’re the best!

  January 18, 2023:  Dan C.
Always excited when package arrives.  Does not disappoint!  Keep up the great work!

  December 29, 2022:  Charles S.
Excited when I received my packet of gold and even more excited when I saw the payout!

  October 15, 2022:  Mark C.
Can’t wait to get my next Nugget bag.

  September 4, 2022:  Rick N.

Nice gold. Couple of nice pickers too.

  July 20, 2022:  Sheila W.
Always have had great gold out of the bags I receive from Klondike Paydirt!

  June 28, 2022:  Gary P.
Jackpot!  Klondike has the best paydirt!

  January 15, 2022:  Ken M.
Can’t wait for the next Carmack’s Claim bag to arrive!

  December 20, 2021:  Jim H.
I’ve purchased a lot of paydirt from other places but nothing compares to Klondike Paydirt!

  July 2, 2021:  Debby H.
Great gold and large pickers!

  December 20, 2020:  Jacob H.
Great paydirt quality and good sized gold.  Found a picker in my first pan!

  June 15, 2020:  Bob M.
The Rabbit Creek claim was pretty awesome!  Fast shipping and great packaging.  Can’t wait to try the King Solomon’s Dome next!

  January 4, 2020:  Paul S.
Had an enjoyable afternoon panning with my wife on our deck.

  December 21, 2019:  Josh P.
Always have had great returns with Klondike Paydirt.

  July 17, 2019:  Tim S.
Great gold in every scoop!

  January 4, 2019:  Eddie L.
Klondike Paydirt does have some nice chunky nuggets plus lots of small flakes & fines.

  July 7, 2018:  John M.
Nothing but great gold from Klondike Paydirt!

  January 10, 2018:  Dale T.
A lot of fine gold in this bag, just under 3 grams.

  November 24, 2017:  Tony R.
Always enjoy being surprised by a bag of your dirt.

  July 11, 2017:  Sean R.
Plenty of pickers to go around!

  March 18, 2017:  Phil R.
Surprised at the amount of gold from the eureka claim!  Klondike Paydirt is the best!

  November 14, 2016:  Christopher M.
Amazing the amount of gold recovered from the Carmack’s claim!

  August 21, 2016:  Gene K.

Really great pay and I’m not even done panning yet.

  April 24, 2016:  Anna C. 
There is gold in every scoop of Klondike Paydirt.

  November 19, 2015:  Emma M.
Just kept finding more gold in every pan.

  September 27, 2015:  Jack R.
Had a great time with the Carmack’s claim dirt and couldn’t stop dancing when I found the 3 gram nug!

  June 17, 2015:  Roger R.

I taught a few friends how to pan for gold with that good ‘ol paydirt full of gold!

  December 22, 2014:  Brian S.
Always can count on a chunky nugget, a surprise to see how big it will be.

  August 22, 2014:  Paul M.
My first bag had two big nuggets and a nice pile of flakes.